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YouTube Nikita Dragun re-creates Prom After Transitioning Into a Girl

By James Cramer / Published on Tuesday, 22 May 2018 05:23 AM / No Comments / 2704 views
YouTube Nikita Dragun re-creates Prom After Transitioning Into a Girl
YouTube Nikita Dragun (Instagram/IMG)

Previous time YouTuber Nikita Dragun visited prom, she was wearing a tux.

She may be out of high school, however, Dragun still managed to re-create her prom night to match her gender identity during a video that’s already drawing praise (not to say over 500,000 views) from her fans.

Dragun declared her transition to her fans in 2015 and has been very open regarding it ever since. She has shared stories of getting bullied at her high school in Virginia in the past. A prom re-creation offers the possibility of latest memories and picture’s that she can look back on and enjoy. “I desire this is granting a want of mine of making and reenacting my prom, because previous time I visited prom, i was wearing a tux. it was a unique life, let’s just say that,” Dragun explains during the video.

nikita dragun
Nikita Dragun (Instagram/Pic’s)

To help her produce the prom night of her dreams, Nikita enlisted the help of designer Michael Costello. in the video, she tries on 3 dresses before selecting a pink tulle ball gown worthy of the Met Gala. “I desire a full-on princess. this is the prom moment,” Nikita says after finding the right dress.

With the pink dress chosen, she decided to accessorize with rose gold makeup and a neon pink wig. Stylist Arianna Chaylene styled the pink wig into a classic hairstyle, complete with a jeweled headdress. Of course, she additionally did her own full glam. Dragun’s date, the ultimate accessory, arrived to coordinate during a velvet pink tux and pink hair.

Nikita Dragun in Pink Hair
Nikita Dragun (Instagram/IMG)

This year has been massive for Nikita Dragun. “I graduated college. I got my official license with that “Female” title on it. I’ve got a lot of huge things happening,” “But that conjointly does not stop me from looking back and reflecting.” She set out to create the prom video to live out a fantasy from her previous. “I have forever wished to be the prom queen. I wished to live that American high school fantasy. however, when I visited prom, i was wearing a tuxedo. therefore this video was my jiffy to live my prom queen fantasy,” Dragun says.

Nikita works to keep her fans involved in her transition, with regular “Transformation Tuesday” videos that document her journey with plastic surgery, hormones, and reflections on life as a trans lady. Earlier this year, she revisited her pre-transition vlogs. “I’m additional myself than I ever have been,” Nikita says.

What else from her past might Dragun return as a woman? something is possible, she says. “I’m completely looking forward to continuing my pop-celeb lifestyle and doing therefore as an empowered lady.” Now, she even has the prom images to match.

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