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Milla Jovovich: Almost Quit “Resident Evil” Because of Michelle Rodriguez

By James Cramer / Published on Saturday, 03 Jun 2017 02:48 AM / No Comments / 795 views

Milla Jovovich has applied the vast majority of her career enjoying Alice, the heroine of the Resident Evil franchise. She’s starred in six film’s that have created her an action icon and beloved to followers of the computer game adaptation. However, according to a recent interview with the web log Inverse, she virtually quit the film when Michelle Rodriguez was cast.
Milla Jovovich and Michelle RodriguezJovovich was cast to be the star, however things began to change when a 2nd actress was cast. As she told Inverse, “I virtually quit the film. i was shooting one thing else, and Paul {the director} had employed Michelle Rodriguez to play Rain. She was very popular at that moment, and my hotness had sort of been beforehand 4 years previous by that time. therefore Paul rewrote the script for her. It pretty much created my character ‘the girl,’ and Rain was ‘the guy.’ She got all of my massive action scenes, and she became as Alice. so Alice became this tag-along.”

After reading the revised script, Jovovich demanded a sit-down chat with the director, Paul W.S. Anderson. They talked for 3 hours, and she has a vivid memory of that encounter. She said, “{Paul} was even, ‘What do you mean? This did not modification that abundant.’ therefore i was even, ‘OK, why don’t we begin with page one?’ I pointed out each time I felt like my nice scenes were taken away.”
Jovovich and MichelleDespite the drama at the start, Jovovich set to stick with the movie. and she even got an unintended bonus from the project: Jovovich and Anderson began dating throughout the assembly of the primary movie. Fifteen years later, they are still together and have 2 youngsters.

As for her and Rodriguez, they’ve been pals since the start.

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