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Michelle Obama Just Booked Her Final TV Appearance As First Lady

By James Cramer / Published on Thursday, 05 Jan 2017 11:40 AM / No Comments / 385 views

Michelle Obama has just two or three weeks left as FLOTUS as her husband’s other’s second term as President of the United States reaches an end on January 20.

The Tonight Show has hosted Michelle Obama twice officially in the course of recent years, and her third and last stop as First Lady will happen on Wednesday, January 11. She got the giggles a major route for both of her past visits, so we can wager that this third outing to The Tonight Show will be a fun path for viewers to state goodbye to her as First Lady.

Michelle Obama will be the third real member from the Obama organization to show up on The Tonight Show over the previous year. President Obama himself swung up to “moderate stick the news” with Jimmy Fallon in June, and Vice President Joe Biden dropped by in September. We can’t state just yet what Mrs. Obama will do to catch up on her last couple of Tonight Show appearances, yet my fingers are crossed that there will move involved.