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Michael Rapaport reacted badly After Sylvester Stallone Loses At Oscars!!

By James Cramer / Published on Tuesday, 01 Mar 2016 11:12 AM / No Comments / 4115 views

Michael Rapaport

It’s a bad day for Michael Rapaport, as he loses his temper when he came to know that Sylvester Stallone lost out from the category of the Best Supporting Actor at The Oscars on Feb 28 and he started shouting into obsession in front of his TV. Michael Rapaport, 45, was not a happy mood when he saw on TV that the final decision at the 88th Annual Academy Awards for the Best Supporting Actor! Actually, it was clear that he is ingraining for pal Sylvester Stallone, 69, who was exceptionally neglected at this year’s ceremony. The Awards result’s news just screamed Michael Rapaport.According to recent reports, Sylvester Stallone was expected to withdraw with the Best Supporting Actor Oscar, having celebrated at the Golden Globes and the Critic Choice Awards earlier in the year.

Still, it was very surprising for all when the Bridge of Spies actor Mark Rylance shoveled the award alternatively!After hearing the award result, Michael Rapaport lost his control and started using abusive words in front of his TV. He spoke, “What the f**k!” and “Co**sucker”. He screamed just pour out of his mouth like dirty water out of a drain! You “mother-f***er” he continues before querying, “who the f*** is this?”. It’s really awkward!Michael Rapaport response was seemingly behooving to every Rocky fan, or in spite of this, we can say faithful fan, who has been captivated by this news. Michael Rapaport was amazing in the recent movie of the boxing series. It’s embarrassing that Sylvester didn’t win because he
was expected to in six Rocky movies.