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Kristen Stewart Ready for “Break” From Hollywood

By James Cramer / Published on Thursday, 07 Jan 2016 10:38 AM / No Comments / 2127 views

There is little bad news for Kristen Stewart fans. Because Kristen Stewart talks about a Break from Hollywood. She’s actually going to do it.



The American Ultra actress talking about Kristen Stewart with E! News on the National Board of Review Gala admitted Kristen Stewart some major need of rest and relaxation. Kristen Stewart says I need a break. I am tired of myself“I just worked all year on a bunch of different things. So right now I am so tired. I really don’t want to work for a long time” Kristen Stewart told the publication. “When I was a little bit younger, I used anxiety and nerves, which I still have a lot of. It’s just that I’m better at channeling them. I get better every time I do a job. It’s getting more fun.”