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According to Forbes, KKW Beauty is Kim Kardashians most profitable venture yet

By James Cramer / Published on Thursday, 27 Dec 2018 09:06 AM / No Comments / 309 views

Kim Kardashians most profitable venture yet

In case you have not detected, the Kardashians are wealthy. And while Kylie Jenner is out here being a literal (almost) wealthy person thanks to Kylie Cosmetics, the whole family’s wealth comes down to one person.

Kim’s crazy fame during the early aughts is the reason the Kardashians are even relevant these days, therefore it’s hardly a shock that her net value is ginormous. Let’s get into it, and i would prefer to issue advanced apologies to my bank account because it’s feeling very attacked immediately.

Conformity to Forbes, KKW Beauty is Kim’s most profitable venture yet. As of summer 2018, the business had earned $100 million in revenue, and Kim owns one-thousandth of it.

FYI, Kim launched KKW Beauty with Creme Contour Kits priced at $48, and she sold around 300,000 units within just 2 hours. Honestly, i can not even bring myself to do the math because it makes me too unhappy for myself. (JK, I did the math. She made over $14 million in 2 hours. Bye.)

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood won’t be as massive of a ~thing~ because it once was, however back in 2016 it earned Kim most cash that she finished up on the cover of Forbes.

At the time, the magazine according that Kim’s game had been downloaded 45 million times and created $160 million in revenue. Yes, that is more cash than KKW Beauty has made—but the key difference is that Kim owns 100% of her beauty biz, while she “only” took home $45 million of that $160 mil.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians has been on since ye past days of 2007, and it’s created Kim plenty of cash. Here’s a fast run-down on how much the fam’s contract is price before we get to Kim’s specific slice of the pie: In 2015, E! acquiescent to an $80 million deal to keep the show on the air, and acquiescent to a different “below $100 million” deal in 2017. That amounts to $180 million total in barely four years, which is just…wow.

So, how much does Kim get? while Kris Jenner tried to claim that “everybody gets paid pretty much equally,” TMZ according to that Kim is splitting regarding 50-60% of the family’s current contract with Khloé and Kourtney, while the remainder of the fam gets the leftovers. If this’s true, Kim’s presently getting 20 % of around $100 million for KUWTK, or $20 million.

It might not be their day job, however, Kim and Kanye West have created a ton of cash flipping properties. Back in 2017, the couple sold their Bel-Air mansion (which they bought for $9 million) for $17.8 million, earning $8.8 million during the process. consistent with TMZ, “the sale stands because of the most expensive sale ever during the exclusive Bel-Air Crest community.”

Nowadays, Kim and Kanye live in Hidden Hills and find this: they bought their place for $20 million and currently it’s value $60 million. GUYS, that is A $40 MILLION PROFIT.

Kimmy has worked with several brands over the years, even showing in Super Bowl commercials:

But these days Kim principally does Instagram endorsements, hawking celeb-faves like SugarBearHair and random morning sickness pills:

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If you would like a concept of how much Kim gets paid per ig, she apparently admitted that she was offered (and turned down) a $1 million deal with Fashion nova to post only 1 image.

Conformity to Forbes that would be $350 million. Combined with Kanye West’s net value of $160 mil, Kimye are value $510 million total. Welp. much like Ariana Grande, I’ve got no tears left to cry.

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