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Reality Star Kim Kardashian’s Sisters Can’t Believe How Much She’s Slimmed Down

By James Cramer / Published on Monday, 30 Jul 2018 06:07 AM / No Comments / 363 views

Kim Kardashian's Sisters Can't Believe How Much She's Slimmed Down

The 37-year-old American television personality Kim Kardashian West is basking during the gratters on her already placing a figure, courtesy of her effusive sisters.

In a series of Instagram stories public on Sunday, Kardashian seems each flattered and slightly embarrassed as sisters — Kendall and Khloe heap praise upon the present state of her body — with some good-natured questions regarding how such a figure is humanly eventual, even. It whole kicks off with Kendall, who launches into the acclamation’s .

“You look therefore skinny,” “Kendall Jenner says” in one Instagram video captured by a follower account.

“What? oh my god, thank you!” Kim responds, sounding shocked and flattered.

Khloe then weighs in questioning whether her body is even real.

“I’ve ne’er seen a person’s being look as good. It’s like…… you’re a walking Facetune doll,” she says, concerning a photograph touchup app.

“My purse is as little as you,” Kendall adds.

Kim then proceeds to bask in their acclamation’s, taking a fast video display off her curves, followed by anyone displaying off her — new bob haircut with Khloe — two “mummy with bobs,” she says.

“It takes work to appear like that, it’s awful,” Khloe continues in another clip.

Kim told her sisters that she is not that skinny and that she has down to “119 pounds”. presumably less, she adds, without her hair extensions.

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