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Kendall Jenner “Shoving” Assistant in Met Gala 2018

By James Cramer / Published on Wednesday, 09 May 2018 04:50 AM / No Comments / 559 views

Kendall Jenner "Knocking" Assistant in Met Gala 2018
Kendall Jenner hit the Met Gala 2018 red carpet on Monday night, and it’s harmless to say her look took us by surprise. it isn’t that Kendall Jenner looked dangerous in her Off-White jumpsuit….. she just severely underwhelmed us with her look.

The internet, who we know turns into the globe’s most famous fashion critics on the 1st Monday of may, had some selection words for the Kardashian-Jenner family member.

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Kendall delivered…… the blandest look of the night, one Twitter user wrote.

Screenshot-2018-5-9 la bella vita on Twitter

Kendall is basically the clement person i have ever known, this year’s theme is all regarding opulence and decadence and she rolls up during a white jumpsuit???? i’m telling yall she’s the human version of the color beige,” another critic announce.

And other Twitter enjoyer’s sassy tweet is going completely viral: Kendall Jenner came through in her finest “Fashion Nova” jumpsuit. Use code “YAWN” for 100% off #MetGala

What’s additional, the model raised eyebrows when she was caught “Shoving” her assistant out of the way as she was a genre for pictures.

Kendall Jenner Shoving Assistant in Met Gala 2018 - Today Entertainment News

Well, we guess this is a PSA that you should ne’er stand in the way of Kendall Jenner and a decent picture opp.

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