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Kendall Jenner Says She Feels Bad for Alleged Stalker on ‘KUWTK’: ‘It is Really Sad’

By James Cramer / Published on Monday, 27 Mar 2017 08:30 AM / No Comments / 485 views

Kendall Jenner opened up about sympathizing with her alleged stalker on yesterday (Sunday) new Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In the emotional clinch, the 21-year-old model recounted her frightening run-in with a stranger who accosted her at her Hollywood Hills possession, and was arrested after Kendall managed to drive away.Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner

But, she also said she was dreading having to testify against him, and not just because it meant having to face him in court.

Speaking with her mother, Kris Jenner, the adolescent reality star opened up about her trepidation, asking Kris, “Is it like, weird of me though, that I feel bad for him?”

“I do not think he is mentally there,” she added. “I do not even know if he can control what he is doing. Like, he thinks what he is doing is normal and well.”

“Being in the population eye is pretty crazy, just because people actually feel like they know you, and they get very caught up in it. And they do not realize that they do not actually know you,”Kendall” shared in a solo interview. “That was my scenario. So when he came into my home, he thought it was GOOD. He literally talked to me like I knew who he was.”

Despite any sympathy that “Kendall” may have had, Kris stressed the importance of setting a precedent for whatever else who might think of trying to harass or prey upon her.

“You want to show everybody that you are going to act on every single predator that comes after you,” Kris explained.

As the date of the trial came closer, Kendall continued to fear having to testify. Speaking with sister “Kim Kardashian”, she explained, “The thought of even having to see him in court freaks me out, and gives me crazy anxiety.”

Kim Kardashian herself is all too familiar with experiencing a traumatizing encounter after being robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room in October. Much of the latest KUWTK episode dealt with how the incident has changed the way Kim leads her life.

However, being able to relate with a very similar experience gave Kim an insight into the situation.

“After Paris, our lives are so different,” Kim explained to Kendall. “I can not sleep unless I have like, four security guards just outside my home. If you do not set the tone for it now, you are literally not going to be able to sleep at night.”

In the end, Kendall faced her fears and testified against the man. While she was frightened, she said the experience was not as terrible as she imagined, but she still felt somewhat bad for the stranger.

Sitting down with Caitlyn Jenner days after the trial, she explained how the media had misrepresented the man.

I hate that somebody said online that “Kendall” has an obsessed fan, she said, explaining that she would not consider the guy a fan. A fan loves you, needed an autograph, a picture. He is just, like, obsessed.”

It’s truthful sad. I was on the verge of tears the whole time because I felt bad for him, she added. Even though it’s necessary right now, it makes me sad… [However] it is definitely necessary to protect myself, because I do not know what anyone is capable of doing.

“I can not believe it,” Caitlyn agreed. “Between Kim, that guy, all these crazies are coming out of the woodwork,”

“I do not know what is happening in the universe,” Kendall replied.