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Jessica Weber Shares Honest Images of 180-Pound Weight Loss

By James Cramer / Published on Thursday, 27 Apr 2017 02:36 AM / No Comments / 343 views

For some individuals on a weight-loss journey, the struggle does not finish with simply shedding pounds.

Jessica Weber from peru, Ill., is well aware of that after losing a hundred and eighty (180) pounds — more than half her weight.

On Thursday, the 24-year-old shared an honest Instagram snap, which disclosed her spectacular weight-loss transformation and the loose skin it left her with.
Jessica Weber weight loss
“This is my reality! this is my life!” she writes in the caption. “When you lose a hundred and eighty (180) pounds, the skin does not simply suck back up! I have been learning to deal with it, even with wanting to lose a little more weight and have surgery!”

She adds, “This is my life until then, and i won’t hate my body anymore!”

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Weber shares that she started gaining weight when she was 9 years previous and she was 383 pounds by the time she was 22.

She underwent weight-loss surgery in January and has since adopted a healthier life style and diet, dropping her meat- and starch-based diet for one that’s rich in protein and vegetables.
“The additional weight affected my life with how i was looked down on for my weight gain being since that I started therefore young. It additionally affected my life in creating friends because I lacked the boldness,” she said. “I wasn’t happy; i’d pretend to be ok with it though.”

Weber is currently a body-positivity advocate on Instagram, where she shares her weight-loss journey with her over18,000 followers.
“When I look back at photos, I can not believe I got to be as big as i was. I can not believe I did not try harder to lose weight before I got to that point,” she says. “I feel unhappy because I feel like I wasted years of my life, however currently that I’m losing weight, I feel additional confident and am out doing a lot additional, therefore I desire I’m getting my life back.”