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Get Ready to “SEE”: 6 Screen Blasting Forthcoming Movies

By James Cramer / Published on Monday, 08 Feb 2016 05:30 AM / No Comments / 3961 views

In 2015, “Star Wars: The Force Awakeris” and “Jurassic World“ grabbed the audience appreciation with their incredible actions having   combination of science and fiction. And now in 2016, you can’t imagine, total 6 movies will be revealed one by one this year. “The 5th Wave” and “Synchronicity “have already got entries in Arena.

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So here is the list and their short details of upcoming suspenseful and full of sci-fi movies that everyone wants to see, they are mentioned below


  • 10 Cloverfield Lane

In 2008, Cloverfield got hit for his mysterious story and now his sequel is going to be released on March 11,2016 it is somehow related to a Robot in negative role and a young woman who is in a car crash when she wake up, she found herself in a survivalist’s underground bunker and after that the thrilling action scene begins.

  • High-Rise

This movie is based on the novel written by J.G. Ballard’s dystopian in1975.It is about high-tech apartment complex in which everyone wants help to get out of it, but it got converted into a destructive class war between floors having mixture of secretive twisting sense of humor stuffs.

  • Midnight Special

On March 18, another sci-fi movie will be release on the screen. It’s a story about the parents who will do anything to save their children from any annoyance. In this, Roy’s  son, Alton , has the powers to save themselves from thrilling troubles, and also the destiny of the world.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows

On June 3, this movie is going to be released in the theaters. As everyone is familier with the characters that are in the movies-Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael front and center and leave Aprilhoing that will have interesting and eye capturing actions in it. villains Rocksteady and Bebop are also in this movie with little bit different from their previous role.

  • Independence Day: Resurgence (June 24)

 This story is based on Will Smith’s Hiller who was died 20 years ago. This movie contains sensational scenes of battle with the aliens who came back again after decades. The technology of aliens was used by the human kind for their own defense that covers the complete planet.

  • The Purge 3 (July 1)

It’s a mesh up of sci- fi and horror scenes that make it more different from other movies. The Purge 3, is about a Presidential candidate who was against the Purge—the annual dark night where all breach, including murder, is legal—who has been focused for assassination. In this the characters are: Frank Grillo’s grim, stoic character, Sergeant that will be a innovator and that we’ll learn some more about the near-mute villains